“High Technology for Safer Railways”

The basic working principle of railacoustic was inspired from the communication of the whales with their family members.

RailAcoustic Features

Fully Operated by Acoustic Principle
No Inference With Other Signaling Devices
Self-Learning and Adaptive Algorithm
Operational Under All Weather Conditions
Allows Monitoring From a Remote Center
Collects Rail Temperature Data in Real Time
Can be Used in Welded or Isolated Rail Lines
Precise - Reliable and Effective Result
Works Remotely and Automatically

Meetings in India

The ‘India Infrastructure Planning & Management Council’ and ‘IMR Media’ held a conference named ‘INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENTS IN RAILWAY AND METRO TECHNOLOGIES (IC-TRAM 2017)’ in New Delhi between 6th and 7th of October 2017. The conference has been patronage by Vice President of India. H.E. Mr. M. Venkaiah Naldu and the Minister of Railways of India H.E. Mr. Piyush Goyal. Enekom Ltd. General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Directors Haluk Gokmen has been invited by the Indian Railways Administration. A speech was made by Haluk Gokmen.

The meeting was attended by the Chairman and the Members of the Board of Directors of Indian Railways, as well as leading senior representatives from the sector both nationally and internationally.

The main theme of the conference was ‘Advanced Techologies in Railways’. After the conference, a series of meetings on RailAcoustic technology were organized with the senior management of the railway administration and a decision was made to implement technology in India.

Please click here for the presentation prepared by the General Manager of Enekom Mr. Haluk Gökmen

News & Announcements

  • Yeni Şafak Newspaper

    RailAcoustic, an internationally patented and one hundred percent locally tested solution that detects fractured and broken rails early, remotely, automatic and with high precision with the help of acoustic waves, will be used in Ankara-Konya high-speed train line and Ankara-Kırıkkale conventional railway line. “Railacoustic” (Broken and fractured rail detection system) developed in Turkey and patented

  • Takvim Newspaper

        Turkish engineers have developed a new system that can detect breaks, cracks and other faults on the rails by means of vibration. The system, developed by Enekom’s design team, is able to detect broken segments, cracks and various damages on the rails remotely, automatically and in advance via acoustic vibrations generated. Track circuits,

  • RailAcoustic Applied Successfully

    Enekom completed the first 90 km section of double track Ankara – Konya High Speed Railway Line ‘Broken Rail Detection System Application’ contract, signed with Turkish Railways Authority TCDD. Enekom Ltd., inventor and developer of ‘Railacoustic’ technology, which is an internationally patented technology for detecting rail fractures early, remotely, automatically and precisely, signed a contract


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