AKSAM Newspaper

Turkish engineers developed a new system (RailAcoustic) that senses fractures and cracks on the rail (broken rail) by means of vibration, and patented their inventions.

Continuing its R & D activities at METU Technopolis, Enekom has developed a new and novel ‘Broken Rail Detection System’ to respond to the increasing needs of railway safety and to create a unique solution for the detection of rail fractures. The system works on the principle that the vibration generated at a certain frequency on the rail is detected from 2 separate points, one away from the other.
Fast train application
The first and second level system performance tests on the Ankara – Konya High Speed Train Line have been completed successfully and it can be safely used on the railway track for the detection of broken, cracked or damaged rails. The information, which reaches the control center, is processed and the result activates an alarm in the case of rail damages.
Source: Aksam Newspaper