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RailAcoustic, an internationally patented and one hundred percent locally tested solution that detects fractured and broken rails early, remotely, automatic and with high precision with the help of acoustic waves, will be used in Ankara-Konya high-speed train line and Ankara-Kırıkkale conventional railway line.

“Railacoustic” (Broken and fractured rail detection system) developed in Turkey and patented internationally Ray has become a hope for the world in the early detection of broken rails and prevention of train accidents caused by these type of rail defects.

“RailAcoustic” technology, developed by Enekom, which is operating in METU Technopolis / Ankara, starts to be used on high speed railway tracks after successful on the track tests performed earlier.

The system works on the rail by the electromechanical method and it works on the principle that the vibration generated at a certain frequency on the rail is detected from 2 points, one away and the other near. With the system, this acoustic vibration signal is detected from one point simultaneously after vibration is given to the rail. The difference of signal levels between the damaged and undamaged rails and also the reflecting signal coming from the faulty zone is processed by system’s sensitive and powerful electronic modules and the resulting information is being transported to the control center via the fiber optic or rf communication line. The control center reports the damaged rail information as an alarm.

It is possible to make remote broken rail detection measurements at the desired time intervals with automatic or manual program adjustments, on the line equipped with the system with installed modules at distances up to 2 kilometers on the track.
The first stage performance tests of the RailAcoustic (rail fracture detection system) successfully carried out on the Ankara-Konya High Speed Line can precisely detect the faults on the rails such as breaks or cracks. This rail safety status information is delivered to the control center via a fiberoptic or rf based communication system.
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